About the TTSP hub 

Walkden TTSP hub was established in 2016 to create a facility for the local community. The Mill at over 100 years old is one of the oldest buildings in the area and has been home to many different companies and organisations during that period. Prior to 2016 the building stood empty for a lengthy period and after speaking to local people, our belief was that the old mill would make a fantastic space for local people and organisations.

Walkden TTSP Hub as it is now known, has a studio, large hall, community meeting room and classroom that are all accessible to the community. We are within walking distance of Walkden train station and Walkden Town Centre, easily accessible by car and sit on major bus routes running between Bolton – Manchester & Wigan – Manchester.

You’ll find our booking form below and you can contact us on 07830 539 320 or email info@tacklingtraksafety.co.uk.

Hire Costs – one-off bookings 

Studio –  £18 per hour (£10 per hour before 5pm weekdays)

Hall –   £23 per hour (£10 per hour before 5pm weekdays)

Boardroom –  £7.50 per hour/£25 half day/£40 full day (including unlimited tea and coffee)

Classroom –  £12.50 per hour/£40 half day/£75 full day (including unlimited tea and coffee)


NOTE: Local voluntary community organisations should enquire within for subsidised classroom/boardroom hire

Weekend Birthday Party Hire

Studio – £20 for 2 hours

Hall      – £30 for 2 hours

Studio & Hall combined for 2 hours – £40

Booking Hours 

The facility can be booked during the following times:

Weekdays 7.00am – 21.00pm
Saturdays 8.00am – 21.00pm
Sundays 9.00am – 20.00pm

 Hub Booking form