The Tackling Track Safety Project, is our way of helping you to understand that railways are much more dangerous than you may think. Every year lots of people both young and old get hurt or even die, because they didn’t realise how dangerous the railway and trains can be.

The purpose of the tackling track safety project is to stop young people and adults from getting seriously hurt or killing themselves on Britain’s 20,000 miles of railway. Whilst the UK is renowned for having one of the safest railways in Europe, in 2014/15 there were 43 preventable deaths, 296 major injuries and many more minor injuries that could have been avoided. 

The Tackling Track Safety Project was officially launched by the footballing legend Paul Scholes on 19th November 2015 and our goal is to dramatically help reduce those accidents and deaths on the railway. Unfortunately rail safety isn’t the most glamourous of subjects, but we’ve worked hard researching new and fun ways to engage people in rail safety and we use a combination of sports based education, community engagement projects and volunteering projects to educate the great British public. 

In 2016 our aim is to educate at least 100,000 people about rail safety and beyond that we aim to educate many, many more!